College in Virginia
9/92 - 6/95
Started Fashion Modeling
Discovered by Milan Scout agent
Moved to Milan
Introduced to Saudi fashion consultant
Moved to London
First Visit to Paris
Permanently Moved to Paris
Retired from Modeling
Heather Price Shopping Begins


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I am an American living in Paris. I was born in 1974, and grew up in Virginia. My parents are both from upstate New York, so I got the best of a Northern and Southern upbringing. I attended university in both Richmond and Charlottesville with a major in Social Sciences.
I come from naturally thin and tall stock, but the idea of becoming a model was not something I seriously considered. As I worked part time to support myself while also attending university I began to search for ways to lighten the financial burden. At that point this whole modeling thing began to seem more appealing so I gave it a whirl.

I contacted the Modelogic Agency in Richmond. Only a few months after working with Modelogic, a modeling agency from Europe scouting for new faces discovered me and invited me to join them in Milan. I was quite old for a model just beginning her international career...a shocking 20 years.

I flew to Milan in September 1995. It was my first time in Europe. My hopes and expectations were enormous; luckily I was not to be disappointed. Even though I had little experience, I got a job my first day there. It was a TV commercial for an Italian liquor ad campaign. I was one of five girls chosen out of 500. I stayed in Milan for several months, meeting many designers and photographers, and making new Italian friends. Excited to learn everything I could, I submerged myself in the Italian culture. I learned the language, customs, and most importantly for my future work as a fashion consultant, I learned about the fashion industry first-hand. Working steadily and absorbing everything I could gave me a keen understanding of the bizarre and byzantine world of fashion. My work consisted of castings and runway shows, editorials for magazine fashion spreads, TV commercials, fittings (trying on samples of clothing, having measurements taken, and telling the designer how the garment feels), advertising campaigns, catalogues, and even a music video.

I also sometimes worked as a "showroom model." Fashion houses have a showroom where buyers from clothing stores and private clients can view the next season's line. They always require models to try on clothes for these clients so they can see how the clothes look on a live model.

One day while working a showroom, an entourage from the Saudi Arabian royal family came to view the new line. With them was a woman translating from Italian into Arabic and English. I got a chance to speak to her and discovered she was actually their fashion consultant. In addition to translating, she acted as counsel to the princesses on their styles and wardrobes. With my future goals in sight, I set out to make every effort to become the Edith Head of Personal Fashion Consulting.

When you are a model, you have a base home and travel to where the jobs are. During my first year in Europe, I worked in Milan, London, and then Paris, which absolutely took my breath away. Although I still had to travel to Milan and London to work, and occasionally live, my home from then was Paris. I worked for the ELITE Modeling agency in London and Milan, and the FAM Modeling Agency in Paris.

By the time I turned 26 I was worn out. Modeling was a great job. It allowed me to live in Europe, meet thousands of fascinating people in the fashion world, integrate myself into all these different cultures, and get paid for it! It was now time to capitalize on my years of experience to start my own fashion consulting, stylist and personal shopping service.

I moved permanently to Paris in 2002 and Heather Price Personal Shopping was born. I am on my eigth year now. I have had a steadily increasing client list and have fine-tuned my trade. I am not only acquainted with, but actually friends of many designers and others who work in this industry. I know the major label luxury shops and also those well-kept little secrets with difficult-to-find bargains. I used my time as a model to learn about the design process. I understand fabrics, the difference in cuts, and which body shapes can wear which cuts. I also have a formidable knowledge of skin care, make up, and hair. I speak fluent French and Italian. I live in Paris, the Fashion Capital of the world, but also have lived in London and Milan, and know these cities equally. Despite the fact I live, eat, and breathe fashion, I also know other ways to have a fantastic time in each of these cities.

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