I contacted Heather to see if she could possibly help me to buy items that I had recently bought in Paris but were stolen. I got a very quick response and she got on the case immediately. To my delight, by the next day she had already found all the items I wanted and was asking for my address to arrange shipping! Heather was so efficient I could barely keep up; she was absolutely fantastic, very professional yet not impersonal. Heather is a very understanding and determined person so if you want someone 'on the ground' so to speak, in France, Heather is your woman.

— Ciara Hunt
Co. Meath, Ireland


Two suits, one Van Laack and one Cherutti, two pairs of trousers by Thierry Mugler all beautifully crafted and fitting like they were hand made just for me, total cost: under 700!! Heather instructed me not to have the shops do the touch ups and found me a fantastic tailor to hem the pant legs and saved me a bundle. She did all of this in less than three hours, now that is my kind of shopping. I am a young man just beginning my career so budget was obviously the biggest concern. The worst part though was I didn’t have the time, patience, style or expertise to do what she did for me. I love this woman!!

— Maxance Ribane
Paris, France


My wife is in the entertainment industry and needed an outfit for a VIP television interview. The problems were threefold; the interview was the next day, she was working and had no time to shop and she needed the outfit to be extremely sexy, sort of Marilyn Monroe. My wife is quite conservative, very petit, and of Mediterranean coloring…not exactly a 50’s bombshell but very sexy none the less. Heather fit me in to her already booked schedule and in three hours, without even meeting or seeing a picture of my wife, she found three amazing outfits including accessories. An added benefit of Heather was being a former actor and model, she understood perfectly what would work best on film and under the harsh lights When my wife met up with us to view the selections, she instantly fell in love with Heathers first choice (which to my bankers pleasure was also the least expensive even though I had told Heather there was no budget limit). Heathers advice was “you want to be sexy, but not look like you are wearing a costume…. Subtlety is an art, and this ensemble is so fitting with your personality…sexy yet subtle and classy without being vulgar” I had quickly checked out Heathers “competition” before calling her, but had decided that they were more shopping guides and honestly a bit crap. I was so very right to have picked her. The interview was a smashing success!!!

— Name Withheld
Paris, France


I am very grateful to Heather for the help she provided to me in obtaining my favorite long-lost cologne, now only available exclusively from one of the fragrance houses in Paris. Heather responded promptly to my request, bought the cologne on my behalf and posted it with great care to me in England. Heather's efficiency, professionalism and courtesy were exemplary throughout. Even though this was a relatively small transaction I felt that Heather provided me with the same level of service and attention to detail that she provides to her regular clients.

— Peter Longden
Buckinghamshire, England


In both of our trips to Paris last year Heather created a unique adventure.  We not only enjoyed our time in the carefully chosen shops of Paris, we were also able to find special items not available in the States. Not only did Heather help us find what we were looking for, she also carefully planned all details so each day went without a hitch.  With Heather’s help we were able to enjoy all facets of Paris, essentially having our own private interpreter — for both the language and sights of the city. Heather shared with us outstanding local restaurants, interesting Paris history, and literally did everything possible to make our trips a success.  We highly recommend Shopping with Heather.

— Carole and John Holland,
Seattle Washington



I live in Manhattan, and the dress code here is black, black, and more black. Heather saved me from this depressed state and introduced me to this amazing thing called color! She did it in a subtle way so that I didn’t end up looking like a rainbow, but still stood out in the Sea de Noir.

— Charlotte Parker,
Manhattan, New York


I have used personal shoppers before, but they always charged commission. I was never comfortable with this policy, as I felt they were more concerned with how much I spent. When I found out Heather only charged a flat rate, I was very excited. I was much more at ease with her and loved the choices she made as they were based on me loving the item, not her loving the price tag. I spent much less than I ever had, and her fee was definitely lower than the commissions I had paid in the past. You can trust this woman.

— Ashley W. Durham,
Huston, Texas


My Husband and I went to Paris while I was pregnant with our second child.  Heather not only organized our shopping adventure.  She also found us a charming, exclusive hotel, and even picked up train tickets for us as we were also visiting friends in the Loire Valley.  That kind of personal service is hard to find in Europe.  We wouldn't have enjoyed our "Second Honeymoon" half as much without her guidance.

— Karen & Jeff Adams,
Uganda, Africa


I needed some new outfits for future job interviews. Heather spent hours taking inventory of my current wardrobe, and really got an excellent sense of my style. She chose the pieces, which while giving me a professional tone, would still work with my existing clothing. Her advice was excellent and the clothes I bought have become some of my absolute favorites!

— Chryssoula Anastassiadou,
Athens, Greece


My Parents offered me a day of Fashion Shopping with Heather. Being a student at the time, I had no time to waste shopping, even though I would have loved to. I was one of her first clients, but you would never have known it. She was polite and professional, but also made me feel like we had known each other for years. We were being interviewed and photographed by journalists for an article about her company, but she never once took her concentration or attention away from me. My Father was especially happy with the fact that she kept well within the designated budget.

— Briony Davies,
London, England


It is bizarre how I almost forget Heather isn’t French. She has truly submerged herself into our culture, yet keeping a strong American identity. It is not normal for French women to require a stylist, but I have found that no one should live without her advice.

— Lea Emilia Moullec,
Paris, France


I can't remember the date or time when I watched Heather walk down the ramp to the plane that would bring her to the next phase of her life as a model in Milan. I do remember thinking our loss was Italy's gain. Today after so many years have passed, I can say that still holds true, only France has her now. Viva la France!!   You have the best that America has to offer.  Just ask her to help you with any task, step back and watch her go!

— Bradford S. Price,
Lexington, Virginia


The summer of 2005 will be my fourth Shopping Trip with Heather. I am not someone who is especially easy to please, I admit that, but I also do not find that to be a flaw. Neither does Heather. She understood from the very beginning that I was looking for strictly unique, one of a kind items. I am not one to shop in a mall, but more the smaller privately owned shops. My trips to Europe are always a new and exciting adventure; she has never disappointed me.

— Isabella Orozco,
Mexico City, Mexico


I went to France for the first time the summer before last. I had such a wonderful time there, and it was all due to Heather. She knew all the hot spots and never once did she let me get bored.  She had a very good selection of clothing stores, pricey but worth it. I couldn’t think of anyone else to spend my time with than Heather and I highly recommend her.

— Kaitlyn D. Price,
Lexington, Virginia


In a world of the "latest trends" and mass-produced fashion, I always worry about finding things that fit my lifestyle and that I won't see on everyone else.  I work in a busy, continually changing advertising environment. Whether image should or shouldn't be important, it is.  Looking my best and most importantly, feeling my best is key! Not to be too forward, but I like the best when it comes to anything. Simply put, Heather is the best! 

— Chris Hardy,
Georgetown, Washington DC


I am one of those strange anomalies here in L.A…..a brunette. I also am not like my peers in the fact that I loathe Rodeo Drive. Actually I am not a fan of shopping period. When I first heard about Heather I was VERY skeptical of her promise to make shopping stress free. I have been converted though. She gave me a look that not only celebrated my unique self, but also did it in a seemingly effortless way that left me well impressed.

— Catherine L. Horton,
Hollywood, CA


I have been to Europe many times, and managed fine shopping by myself. For my trip to Paris last November I decided to try Heather’s service for a half day. We got more done in that small amount of time than I had done by myself in two days. She was organized, had spent many hours planning my trip, and we lost no time whatsoever. Even after my four hours were up, she was not content to stop the trip until I was completely satisfied…which I was. I look forward to our next trip together.

— Evelyn J Putnam,


I’ve known Heather for some time now, about 10 years. She's one of those people you really want to meet again after the first encounter. At the time I was running my own garment business "Murphy's L.a.W.” (Leisure and Workwear) and was accustomed to 'getting the job done'. We met in a small South London artist’s café over a sink! The café had run out of clean dishes, which was holding up the orders. We had both gone to check out what the delay was. When Heather discovered it was something easy and fixable, she donned the rubber gloves and got right in there, in the sink-simple! Problem solved. Together we had it done in 10mins. My kind of girl, Get the job done!!

We moved on to working together many, many times. I find her thorough and trustworthy, with a great sense of style. She's always been an asset, no matter what the job entailed, weather it was a non-glamorous commercial job or 'high end' corporate image dressing models for a marketing promotion. She keeps client’s calm and assured when the average assistant would have 'joined in the fretting frenzy'.

I have great faith in her and would recommend her highly. She is a joy to be around. Calm, cool, stylish & sophisticated with just the correct amount of ballsy humour to survive today’s modern manic world.

—Siana Murphy,
London, England


Heather est un bol d’air. Elle n’est pas une étrangère à Paris, elle est parisienne, mais avec cette fraîcheur qui lui donne un petit quelque chose en plus. Elle aborde les gens avec simplicité et spontanéité. Si ses conseils sont si justes, c’est sûrement grâce à l’intérêt si naturel qu’elle leur porte et à sa façon de les écouter.

—Marie-Hélène Brissot,
Paris, France

Heather is full of surprises. She is not a stranger in Paris; she is a Parisian yet more refreshing than the Parisians you usually know. I love her simplicity and her spontaneity. I believe she manages to give such good advice because she is so naturally conscientious, and knows how to listen.

—Marie-Hélène Brissot,
Paris, France


When Heather told me she could find me my dream “Cinderella” dress in half an hour, I thought she was the one dreaming. She did it though, and went with me to all three of my fittings (I wanted layers of tulle for the skirt). I am also extremely shy about my body, and the thought of standing on the huge pedestal surrounded by mirrors literally had me in tears. She has this amazing ability to really look into your soul, and leave you feeling that not only does she understand you, but thinks you are absolutely fabulous. Having her help gave me a chance to take a break from all the little details and stress, which tend to take over the fun and magic of a wedding. I finally got a chance to focus on what an important and beautiful day this was going to be for me.

—Ela Denise Taylor,
Barboursville, Virginia


When Heather agreed to take on the Doolin sisters in Paris I don’t think she knew what she was getting into. Three women, three different lives, and three totally different personalities. She was so “fantastico” that we decided she would become an honorary Doolin sister. This was by far the best trip we had ever taken together, and hope to be able to have her with us on our next adventure in Italy.

—Kelly Doolin,
Richmond, Virginia
—Shannon Doolin,
Baltimore, Maryland
—Erin Doolin,
Columbia, South Carolina


Heather has gone with me to buy outfits for myself since she was 16 years old and not even a fashion model yet. At that time and since, I have always valued her opinion, as she is very intuitive as to what styles look right and wrong on any individual. While her tastes in clothing are very different from mine, she has always been sensitive to my desires and advised me with those in mind. I am quite confident in saying that if you use her service; she will take as much care in advising you as she has unfailing done for me.

—Diane Carole Price
—Lexington, Virginia


Thank you for showing me a side of Paris I'm sure I never would have found on my own! You broke down the wall for me that kept me forever window-shopping because of my fear of the sales people. Thank you for the extra time and attention that went into my session, and all the additional time you've put in to searching for material and companies with a good conscience. You definitely go the extra mile!

—Jody Troupe
—Sugarloaf Key, Florida

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